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WiseGlobal Investments is a limited liability company specialized in project development inside the WiseGlobal Group of companies.  
WiseGlobal Investments was established with the purpose of developing both private and public sectors thanks to our worldwide team of professionals with extensive experience in large-scale projects.

WiseGlobal Investments is involved from the project initial design until its completion: Engineering, Geopolitical Negotiation and Consulting with governmental authorities, Recruitment, Procurement Partners, Construction Consortium and Management Structure.

Investment does not concern only a financial aspect but mostly a human one. We choose our collaborators very carefully, striving to give each one adequate job positions where one can fully develop one’s skills and therefore provide an optimum quality service to the clients.

WiseGlobal Investments has the vision of a united international community working together in building a brighter future: we aim at delivering flawless life changing projects in emerging countries while generating wealth for both investors and local communities. 



Investing in a sustainable way is capital for a sustainable business environment: WiseGlobal Investments integrates an environment friendly vision leading all our projects.

Our main functions and goals are as follows: Liaising and getting approval from local authorities, Designing project, Keeping an eco-friendly vision by minimizing our impact on the environment, Developing renewable energy generation solutions, Developing industries, Developing national transport infrastructurePlanning public security, Developing social impact programs, Supporting education, Improving health through our studies.

As project oriented company, WiseGlobal Investments is offering a vertically integrated suite of solutions for each project in order to facilitate its realization and to allow project companies to benefit from our group's expertise.

As investments company, we provide financial consulting services and capital investments opportunities: we explore potential markets and opportunities worldwide in order to offer unique investments opportunities to investors and to allow projects to be realized.

Our objective is to achieve the best investment proposal through a combination of the best market portfolio and the best funding structure: both the project holder and the investor can therefore find their interests reached.

The extensive experience of our international companies and partners allows us many significant competitive advantages. WiseGlobal Investments aims at becoming your long-term project solutions partner, fostering the development of your country and the improvement of people’s everyday life.

We believe in the potential of every country we are installed in and we always see the best in each of them.

 To finance the project, we prove a combination of Financial Models interacting with each other such as Structured Finance, Equity Capital, Debt Financing or JV partnership to quote a few.

The range of services offered by WiseGlobal Investments and our group mainly includes: 

  • Studies: technical, economical, sociological
  • Preliminary, tender and final design studies 
  • Development and redevelopment planning
  • Urban structures consulting 
  • Management consulting services to private and public entities.

A multidisciplinary team of high skilled collaborators serves WiseGlobal Investments’ clients –major public institutions and private enterprises in Africa and Europe.

For business request and funding request, please contact us:

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