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Wisedesign Africa is a global Engineering, Procurement, Management & Construction Company, established in 1996.  We offer a wide range of solutions to the Mining, Petro chemical, Food, Construction and metallurgical industries.

Our core competencies include Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Project Management.  The company strives to achieve cost effective quality solutions on time and on budget. We can make an impartial assessment of the availability of any particular solution. Wise Design works closely with reputable equipment suppliers and is called on to design & manage turnkey projects.


Wise Design Africa provides global Engineering, Procurement, Management & Construction services in more than 20 countries in the world:  

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  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Construction
  • Automation Control Instrumentation Systems
  • Total Outsource Solutions
  • Technology Research & Development.

Wise Design Africa has become a specialist in the following services and solutions:

Company Ideology

GUI2WiseDesign sees itself as a practical socio-economic activist within the Engineering Sector, lobbying for the fundamental philosophy of "Africans designing, constructing, maintaining & improving Africa".

We draw our inspiration from the fact that there are many great innovations that have had major impact on the whole world that come from the people of our intelligent continent such as:

  • The invention of the CATscan in medicine developed by South African physicists Allan MacLeod Cormack in 1972.
  • The South African driven development of world-leading technology for the conversion of low-grade coal into value-added synfuels and chemicals that is the embodiment of the Sasol corporation, which in itself is a global giant from South Africa.
  • The world's first heart transplant performed by Dr Chris Barnard in Cape Town on 3 December 1967.


 As an organisation, we aspire to inspire such historic leaps in the field of engineering.


Our Vision

With our Ideology in mind & through our experience in operating across the African continent, two factors have been deduced.
The Engineering discipline within the African continent has a lot of room for growth in reference to Industry Knowledge, skill & expertise.
The Role that is played by the mastery of new technologies in our Civilization has become an integral requirement for the livelihood of the whole human race with significant impact on the strength of economies & the quality of life.
There is a pressing need for the African people to obtain a closer rapport to the fundamentals of the technology that drives our Modern World.
Until such time that we rely on only our own skill, knowledge & experience on technical matters in relation to technological applications, the concept of the economical strength of the continent at large shall remain illusive & there is no sort or type of economical or political framework that can adequately sustain any form of compensation for a skills deficiency in a society.

We envision,
1.To establish ourselves as a promoter of the highest forms of engineering Know-how by striving to be the most competitive in the field of engineering at global level.
2.To maintain the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility, as our aim to be the Vanguard of technological developments in the African continent such that we can mitigate the dependence on inventions & innovations from other parts of the world and instead develop our own Innovations which we can sell to the rest of the world.


Our Strategy

Expanding as one into the Global Arena with a strong TEAM behind us driving each process, with a strong foundation in Sustainable Engineering & EPC Projects.    

Here at Wisedesign Africa we take strategy very seriously, a key to our existence is the word TEAM.  Without each Team in all the countries we represent & business units which they make up WDA would not have grown this quick and this far to date.  Our strength is the Unity which exists in our TEAMS.  

Wise has also put strong strategic focus on internal business continuity and efficiency in each business unit. This is helping us to transform into a WISEFORCE.

We offer our current and prospective clients a complete EPCM turnkey solution including project funding solutions.

Our turnkey package includes, but not limited to:

  • Innovative and cost effective proposal for your consideration containing a complete Design to Commissioning option in either Greenfield or Brownfield

  • Process and layout design using Computer-Aided Design technology (P&ID, ISO, 3D-Model)

  • Project Management, project scheduling, project documentation

  • OEM consultation including automation, fabrication, site installation, commissioning and staff training

  • Plant optimization post commissioning options.



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